The All Access Pass includes your own edited copy of the entire CovAID Business Festival event, including all speakers and lessons.

That is 2 full days of amazing content!

You will receive an email directing you to your copy within 2 weeks following the event. All Access Pass also includes your Virtual Gift Bag with valuable tools and resources provided by our speakers and sponsors.

30 Day Quick Start Program

The 30 Day Quick Start Program is the ultimate way to launch, pivot, & adapt during this crisis. It’s everything you need to know to set yourself up for success. It includes:

1. How to manage your mindset and your teams through crisis.

2. How to identify, build, and go to market with products people will pay for now.

3. How to assemble your resources, and leverage your network to get what you need when cash is tight.

4. How to build, manage, and hold accountable a team that is working remotely.

5. Examples of how to pivot, adapt, and reshape your business.

6. Understanding when it’s time to close down.

7. Where to find capital.

8. How to build out your technology, infrastructure, and home office.

9. How to set yourself up for video calling, conferencing, and live-streaming

10. Hot to find creative ways to attract and convert customers.

11. How to develop the right product, market, and pricing fit in markets filled with uncertainty.

12. Marketing and PR ideas in the age of Covid-19.

13. Where to find work if you need it.

14. How to work through depression and anxiety and help those that need it.

15. What you need to know about PPP, EIDL, and other programs that may be available.

16. How to deal with issues like bankruptcy, credit, etc.

17. How to start over, reboot if necessary.

18. How to manage the shutdown, financial pressure, and relationships.

19. Tips for homeschooling while running a business.

20. How to grow and scale your business through partnerships, acquisitions, buyouts, etc. during this time.

90 Day Mastermind & Hands On Training

Become part of the ultimate mastermind and training experience. For 90 days, Scott will host a LIVE weekly event.

During these 90 minute training sessions, Scott will share a core lesson, bring in a guest speaker (giving you access to Scott’s network), and then walk through a hands on exercise, with live Q&A.

This process helps entrepreneurs move their ideas and businesses forward. It’s not just about hearing the lesson, but doing the work… together.

90 Mastermind & Hands On Training program also comes with a subscription to the 30 Day Quick Start Program as a FREE BONUS..

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